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Melbourne, Australia-The Summit

600 Australia 2015
(Melbourne, Australia) If the wind blows you to Melbourne, Australia, and you need a comfortable place to stay, don’t overlook 163 City Rd, Southb
ank VIC 3006, located in The Summit apartment ...more

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Periwinkle Inn-Cape May, NJ

Perfectly situated across from the beach in Cape May, New Jersey sits the very clean, quite, and gorgeous Periwinkle Inn. This boutique hotel was the perfect place for my wife, son, ...more

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Cooperstown-Otesaga Resort Hotel

Cooperstown-Otesaga Resort Hotel
(Cooperstown, NY) I initially traveled to Cooperstown to see some cool baseball relics and get away from work for a few days, but when I arrived at the Otesaga Resort Hotel, ...more

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Seattle-Alexis Hotel

Bedroom 2
(Seattle, WA) The Alexis Hotel is classified as a “boutique hotel” and deservedly so. It is located in the downtown area of Seattle within close walking distance to the famed Pike’s Place ...more

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London-St James’s Hotel and Club

(London, England) A bustling, historic, iconic city like London boasts a multitude of fancy, 4- and 5-star hotels, many of them chains and any one of them will provide for you a pleasant stay when you visit, be it for ...more

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